Fluid Applied Air Barrier


Fluid Applied Air Barrier Details

Fire-Seal, LLC provides the Fluid Applied Air Barrier service for new buildings and will redo any building that needs it to be re-done. This service is a price-efficient and beneficial way to protect your building for the long-term.

The most common forms of Fluid Applied Air Barrier are:

  • Products that include options for treating sheathing joints, rough openings, inside and outside corners, and small cracks;
  • Fabrics, meshes and tapes used in conjunction with the joint and fastener treatment products to reinforce the treated areas;
  • A coating that is spray, roller, or trowel applied over the entire substrate.

Fluid Applied Air Barriers benefits:

  • Block air leakage allowing for lower energy costs and better room circulation
  • Little to no condensation through the wall
  • Allow for the walls to have a sleak moisture barrier
  • Protection for the wall during storms and natural disasters