• Initial walkthrough and assessment

  • Specification Assistance

  • Barrier Implementation Planning and Scheduling

  • Barrier Compliance Evaluations


Fire-Seal is dedicated to working with General Contractors and Sub-Contractors to provide and install all fire submittal and specifications documents (UL Systems / Engineered Judgements) that abide by the architects and/or structural engineers designs and appropriate building codes. Fire-Seal ensures that all of your Barrier Management specifications and installations are complete to building design and code resulting in an operational permit upon inspection.

Our goal is to provide you with the safe and secure environment that supports your business entity, whatever that may be.

Fire-Seal partners with Healthcare facilities to create a pre-joint commission barrier assessment, determine a Plan for Improvement (PFI), and implement the PFI in conjunction with the Statement of Conditions (SOC) provided upon inspection.

Our goal is to help you keep your medical facility environment safe and up to code so you can focus on the patient care lifecycle and the staff that facilitates their needs.

  • Our team possesses a full understanding of all applicable fire and building codes.

  • Clients receive premier service from our entire staff.

  • Fire-Seal’s crews keep your job site clean, neat and safe.

  • Ample resources allow us to schedule projects based on your timeline.

  • We're committed to providing customers a value with superior products and service at a competitive price.

Fire-Seal provides a full range of services from barrier assessment to repair/new construction installation encompassing both Fire-stopping, Fireproofing and Insulation services:

Pre-Construction Services

Construction Services

We also provide Free Firestop and Fireproofing Lunch and Learns.
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Fire-Seal relies on the knowledge of its team of technical experts, including Professional Engineers and Project Managers, to deliver superior results. We place a strong value on our relationships with our clients, vendors and suppliers. We feel that every relationship is a partnership and we must strive to everyday to ensure that our Partners are successful. If you are successful then the Fire-Seal Team is successful.

Fire-Seal provides all fire submittal and specifications documents (UL Systems / Engineered Judgements) for educational facilities to ensure architectural designs and building codes are followed and installation is complete for inspection. If your education facility is attached to a medical facility, Fire-Seal will work to create a barrier system specification which takes all codes and standards into consideration and provide a turnkey barrier management solution to ensure safe environment for all staff, students, and patients.

Our goal is to work with your General Contractor and associated sub-contractors to create the safe learning environment you envisioned.

  • New Construction Installation

  • Tear out, adjustment and replacement of existing Fire-stopping, Fireproofing and Insulation solutions

  • Fireproofing repairs

  • Fire-stopping repairs

  • System Documentation and Labeling

  • Customized Reporting

  • Survey and Risk Assessment

  • Constructability Review